The Belgrade team of euPOLIS experts is organizing the fourth co-creative workshop with citizens, neighbors, and all users of the part of the Zemun quay near the Old Railway Station Monument.

On Saturday, October 29, from 12-4 p.m., euPOLIS experts will present the next phase of the project of the theme park and euPOLIS eco-educational center on the Zemun Quay to neighbors and all interested citizens, including all comments from citizens from the previous three workshops.

On Saturday, experts of the euPOLIS project will explain in detail to the citizens the nature-inspired solutions planned by the euPOLIS project in the future euPOLIS demonstration park and eco-educational center, designed to improve the health and well-being of all users of the improved space on the Zemun quay.

Citizens are invited to join the conversation about proposed solutions, cleaner and smarter ways of purifying water, biofilters, greenery that makes us healthier and happier, and much more.

The local team in this phase of cooperation with citizens with special attention includes both individuals and specific organizations, associations, and institutions that operate near the location to gain as precise an insight as possible into the needs of all citizens who use this part of the Danube quay in Zemun and to whom the changes that come with the euPOLIS methodology will mean the most.