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Gladsaxe, Denmark

The municipality of Gladsaxe is a suburban municipality located northwest of Copenhagen. The distance from Gladsaxe Town Hall to Copenhagen City Hall in The Municipality of Copenhagen is approximately 10 kilometers as the crow flies. Gladsaxe consists of the four original villages: Gladsaxe, Buddinge, Bagsværd and Mørkhøj, which has now grown together, and the municipality covers an area of 2,500 hectares.

Gladsaxe is a green suburban municipality consisting of mixed residential neighborhoods, larger social housing areas, business areas and several small shopping centers. Despite the short distance to the capitol of Copenhagen, Gladsaxe offers several attractive, recreational green areas and opportunities to experience nature.

  • 17% of Gladsaxe Municipality is covered by natural areas
  • 60 percent of the housing is multi-storey housing, 20 percent is townhouses and 20 percent is detached houses. 36 percent of the municipality’s housing is owned by social housing organisations
  • Gladsaxe was the first municipality in the north to incorporate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) directly into its municipal strategy, the so-called Gladsaxe-strategy, which was adopted in 2018


The social housing estate of Pileparken 6 consists of approximately 200 residents and 117 leases and is situated in the district Mørkhøj in an area with high underground water levels, meaning no rainwater can seep into the ground in this geographical area. The rainwater therefore runs through the common sewer along with wastewater, as it does most places in the municipality of Gladsaxe. Half of the sewers in Gladsaxe was built between 1940 and 1960, where a major expansion of the city took place. As elsewhere with shared sewers, there is a risk of flooding of rainwater mixed with wastewater when heavy cloudbursts occur.

Pileparken 6 is also one of the three districts of The Municipality of Gladsaxe’s Social Balance programme. The programme is primarily centered around the municipality’s larger social housing districts (and their surroundings), working on a local community level with subjects such as health, safety, citizenship and volunteering and urban living. With The Strategy of Citizenship, The Municipality of Gladsaxe has a strong focus on developing the municipality together with its citizens, which also is a central part of the project in Pileparken. The ambition of the Strategy of Citizenship is that “all citizens take responsibility for and involve themselves in the development in the local communities, for the benefit of the individual as well the society”.

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NBS Solutions

NBS Education Facility

Water square playground (grove and water mist, art and culture interface, scent gardens) creates a framework for play and mediation for people in all ages, to create awareness of water and environment through play.

Flood Reduction

Green sponge hill, i.e. a rolling landscape of artificially grown media to act as a water buffer magazine, an evaporation reactor, a water filtration unit and a lush flower bed.

Natural purifying (“cleaning”) of harvested storm water to be used for other purposes.

Evaporation playing field i.e. underground water storage moistening grass and evaporating storm water.

UHI impact reduction

Pavement irrigation, i.e. sprinkling irrigation of paved areas during hot weather for speeding evaporation process, surface cooling and kids playing grounds.

Air Pollution

Lake, forest, meadow and wetland biotope.

NBS Corridors

NBS access pathways to make stronger unity in the community by making better connectivity between the facilities of the area.
Sensory garden, picnic area.

Other NBS

Vertical gardens and canopy.

NBS Education Facility
Flood Reduction
UHI impact reduction
Air pollution
NBS Corridors
Other NBS

The playground in Bibliotekshaven by Gladsaxe Main Library is Denmark's first literature playground. It is an example of an outdoor space that links play, learning and movement. It also represents an idea as to how libraries can make their offers visible outside the building's walls, while at the same time contributing to the development of urban spaces.

Led Zeppelin’s Scandinavian tour was held through 1968, and it was their first official tour, even though still under the name “Yardbirds”. The band's first concert at Teen Club, a school gymnasium in Gladsaxe was performed on September 7th, exactly two months to the day after The Yardbirds' final concert. The band's manager, Peter Grant, later said of this first concert: "Standing by the side of the stage, it was obvious that there was special chemistry."

Famous Danish soccer player Peter Schmeichel was born in Gladsaxe. Schmeichel started training football for the Høje Gladsaxe team and then moved to the Gladsaxe Hero team. He spent most of his career playing for the Manchester United.

In 2015, the Danish Outdoor Council appointed Gladsaxe the Danish Outdoor Municipality of the Year, based on the city’s integration of outdoor life in new climate adaption projects.


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