Demonstration activities of the euPOLIS project:

The euPOLIS project’s solutions will be demonstrated in four “FRONT RUNNER” cities: 1. The city of Belgrade in Serbia, 2. The city of Lodz in Poland, 3. The city of Piraeus in Greece, 4. The city of Gladsaxe in Denmark.

Also five other “FOLLOWER” cities will participate in the project: 5. The city of Limassol in Cyprus, 6. The city of Palermo in Italy, 7. The city of Trebinje in Bosnia, as well as two international cities 8. The Fengxi New City in China, and 9. The city of Bogota in Colombia

City of Belgrade

Site Description Belgrade has approx. 200 km of riverfront length, easily accessible to only 300,000 inhabitants (30 km shore), leaving more than 75% (>1 million) of population deprived from easy access to water, greenery, public spaces, etc. EuPOLIS’ interventions will follow the urban planning initiatives...

City of Lodz

Site Description The City of Lodz assigned for the euPOLIS project, a degraded 1783 ha area including “Polesie district” and the historical city centre, inhabited by 152.292 people (appr. 23% of the whole city population). The focus is on various retrofitting interventions, including municipal urban...

City of Piraeus

Site Description The port of Piraeus is the largest port in Greece and the city is one of the most densely populated in Europe. Its passenger harbour area was for long time “in the need of upgrade” in many aspects. In euPOLIS, we will use...

Gladsaxe Municipality

Site Description The Municipality of Gladsaxe is located in the north western suburb of Copenhagen. Based on analyses of the development of social balance in Gladsaxe Municipality, the project site represents a city district with a negative social development. The attention is focused on the housing...

City of Palermo

City of Palermo is a follower city.

City of Limassol

Site Description Limassol Municipality is one of the five Follower Cities in the framework of the EuPolis Project. As a Follower City (FL), Limassol Municipality will share the mission of making citizens’ lives better, fulfilled, and unballasted by environmental decay, using nature-based solutions for creating...

City of Trebinje

City of Trebinje is a follower city.

City of Bogota

The city of Bogota in Colombia is represented in the euPOLIS project by EMPRESA DE RENOVACION Y DESARROLLO URBANO DE BOGOTA. The City of Bogota will be a follower city.

Fengxi New City

Fengxi New City (Chinese partner city) is a follower city.
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