EuPOLIS’ approach connects Nature Based Solution interventions for open public spaces with citizens’ needs for improved public health and Well Being. The main concept and groups of NBS are presented in the following figure and implemented in our four demonstration sites.


The eupolis concept  
1. NBS-based MF pocket parks accessed by NBS locally conditioned pathways and shared spaces, 2. Waterway with mini biotope nodes, aquatic biodiversity – fed from groundwater aquifer or purified surface runoff, 3. NBS for surface runoff quality and pluvial flood management, 4. Groundwater abstraction for water, energy, greenery nexus, 5. MF NBS canopy for socializing, “recharging electronics”, or “green bus stop” etc., 6. MF Live vegetation shaded waterfront promenade, 7. Air pollution abatement shrubs, trees and vertical green curtains, 8. Metabolic hub with MF ecotechnology demonstration/promotion, roof garden and art/cultural performance, 9. MF floating island, river water purification, 10. Coastal sea bottom marine aquatic biotope with euPOLIS-NBS, 11. MF euPOLIS Urban square/streetscape and other NBS (biotopes, sensory garden, waterfall, biodiversity & kitchen garden for socialising, recreation), 12. Space for NBS business activation and promotion


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