EuropaBON’s second stakeholder hybrid conference will take place on 8 November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. For the organization of this stakeholder conference, EuropaBON is partnering with Biodiversa+ to bring together the wider biodiversity monitoring community.

This event will provide the opportunity for a range of stakeholders from academia, policymaking, NGOs, government, and the private sector to get updates, meet and exchange, and provide input to the future of biodiversity monitoring in Europe.

The morning sessions will provide context on the use of biodiversity information in decision-making from the perspective of multiple interested stakeholder groups. There will be plenary presentations and invited talks with a focus on new and emerging topics of interest. In the afternoon, two main sessions will run in parallel. The first session will be led by EuropaBON. The focus will be on discussions on the state of the art in biodiversity monitoring and invite all participants to reflect on these in focused group sessions. The second session will be led by Biodiversa+ (closed session) and will focus on biodiversity monitoring data in private-sector decision-making.

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For more information on EuropaBON or the conference, please contact [email protected].