The article “Nature-Based Solutions and territory: Taking care of Nature with Nature”, was recently published in the new Monographic issue of the magazine RETICULA, by the euPolis partner City of Palermo (G. Liuzzo).

The article explains how Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) represent strategic environmental restoration and recovery actions, efficient in terms of resources and locally adaptable, which use natural elements, systems, and processes inspired by the natural functioning of ecosystems. This is a new meaning, but one that derives from a long process of maturation and extension of the possible declinations of applied ecology. With this name, the NBS has acquired growing notoriety as a response to the problems deriving from one of the major planetary emergencies, namely climate change, mainly taking into consideration urban situations and the need for these areas to increase their resilience in the medium-long term…

With the intention of making a contribution and a stimulus to new confrontations and necessary in-depth analyzes, as a function of a definitive and convergent disciplinary clarification shared between the various professionals involved, from the world of research to the liberal professions, to Public Administrations, the 2021 Monograph di Reticula proposes articles on experiences of the application of Nature-Based Solutions with the aim of verifying the effective association between these solutions and biodiversity and to underline the benefits they can provide to natural capital.

You can download the entire issue HERE.