The 85th TIF, the biggest exhibition event in Greece is taking place until September 19th, and two euPOLIS partners, Geosystems Hellas and BioAssist have recently participated and presented the so-far achievements and goals in terms of introducing nature-based solutions to urban environments thus improving public health and well-being.

BioAssist participated in the 85th TIF, among other innovative start-ups of Elevate Greece, and presented how their solutions will be utilized in the context of the euPOLIS and HEART project to monitor public health and well-being.
Among others, their booth was visited by significant public figures and policymakers, such as the Secretary-General for Research and Innovation

The Geosystems Hellas used the opportunity also to present the euPOLIS expertise by playing interviews with our scientists and experts and their interactions with decision-makers, innovators, activists, etc.

The TIF is the first major exhibition organized in Europe in 2021 and it is setting the organizational bar for all corresponding events. This year’s event is dedicated to Greece, its central thematic axis being the Past, Present, and Future triptych, in the framework of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.
This year’s event aims to contribute to the redefining of the needs of Greek society, boost its historic memory, and bring citizens closer to new digital services and technologies, innovations, and Greek production.

The main exhibition sections that compose the 85th TIF, are:

  • GREECE (Pas – Present – Future)