The euPOLIS team leaders are invited to the Final Conference of the Urban Maestro. This important meeting of the various social actors is scheduled on March 17th, under the auspices of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU.

 Urban Maestro examines how the soft (non-regulatory) powers of the state can shape the decisions that help deliver better-designed places. These approaches often combine different, informal tools to guide, encourage, and enable better design.

European countries and cities apply these informal tools often in innovative ways, and Urban Maestro aims to capture how these tools are put into practice, with what purpose, and what impact they have on real-life solutions.

Urban MEASTRO is coordinated by the UN HABITAT and has been a key Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action, allowing the Commission to contribute to the global New Urban Agenda. Moreover, this action is inspiring the newly launched New European Bauhaus Initiative.