The euPOLIS experts, professor Anastasios Doulamis (NTUA), and professor Cedo Maksimovic (ICL) presented the project at the recently held Nature of Cities Festival in two different sessions. With the courtesy of the TNOC Festival, they shared the knowledge, philosophy, goals, technology, social aspects, experts, and scientific achievements incorporated into the process of implementing the nature-based solution in future urban planning.

Professor Maksimovic presented the challenging road to co-creation, and how to integrate nature-based solutions into urban planning, but also public policies in Serbia (with its capital Belgrade being one of the front-runner cities of the euPOLIS project).

Professor Maksimovic gave a lecture about objectives, principles, methodology and expected results of the euPOLIS and HEART project as following:

Innovative, integral, systematic planning with nature-based solutions (NBS) – how we introduce nature to protect us, so it can be regenerated, based on the balance of aesthetic and health components.

Numerical analysis and modelling of interactions between urban components and ESS ecosystem services (identification, quantification, optimization),

Paradigm shift and phase of initial (pre) planning with reaching a multidisciplinary consensus on framework multifunctional solutions for the “Design brief “,

Quantification of initial conditions and effects of applied NBSs with the criterion of optimized LCC with long-term responsibility of planners for functional “stability” of applied NBSs and

Essential application of the of participatory planning principle.