City of Belgrade

Site Description

Belgrade has approx. 200 km of riverfront length, easily accessible to only 300,000 inhabitants (30 km shore), leaving more than 75% (>1 million) of population deprived from easy access to water, greenery, public spaces, etc. EuPOLIS’ interventions will follow the urban planning initiatives in the city center directed toward improvement of: (1) ”Linear park”: to be created in a densely populated area (dilapidated area in the old part of Belgrade), (2) The biggest urban park “Ušće” located in new Belgrade (shoreline of 3km).

Health/Environmental/Social issues

Belgrade faces many environmental and health problems due to lack of necessary infrastructure (sanitation, heating/cooling, traffic jams, etc.) causing air/water/soil pollution, noise, and lowering PH and WB. The estimate is that 1,700 premature deaths/year linked to high PM2.5 concentrations and UHI effects. Social issues are the high unemployment rate, young professional’s brain drain and stress-related aggressive behaviour. Recent cases of flooding of large areas (Borca) by raw sewerage after heavy rain is just one illustration of severe PH risk caused by lack of proper NBS (traditional solutions don’t work) that will be addressed in euPOLIS not only in Belgrade but practically all 4 FR demo sites.

Demonstration activities

The City of Belgrade approved budget for two projects approx. 2.6 Mil Euro. The demonstration site 2, Park “Usce” is already part of Belgrade Master plan for that area and site no 1, “Linear Park” inclusion in the plan has been done and is waiting for the City urban division’s formal approval:

(1) The Linear Park will include: 1. Creation of visual and functional direct contact between city main body and river, 2. Ecological corridor connected with neighbouring greenery spots, including nodes related to NBS-based environmental education and local business activation, 3. Storm-water flooding and pollution management demo model, 4. VF and pocket farms irrigated with rain water harvested from surrounding buildings. EuPOLIS will organize farms with proper education to expand through  the neighbourhood, 5. Green permeable areas will be introduced wherever possible and remaining grey areas will be converted into permeable areas, 6. Cycling and pedestrian routes fully shaded in summer, 7. EuPOLIS will introduce NBS-based integration and blend in of existing residential areas into the linear park development, e.g., collected water from existing roofs will be used for watering of urban farms, 8. Social–Urban Hub created as BGS demo/edu-centre and community activator in the domain of culture and environmental regeneration for the City of Belgrade.

(2) Ušće park will include: 1. “Pocket Park Model”, 2. Will be equipped with NB MF “canopy” units for natural shading of 30m2 (irrigated vertical climbing vegetation) for socializing, recharging electronics, playing chess, or waiting for buss, in three spots in the greater park area, 3. Surface waterway with fresh water aquatic biotope (attractive flora and fauna elements) complete, with integrated constructed wetland and number of bio filters of different types for storm water treatment, 4. NB connections with Sava river and MF floating island with practical demonstration of natural river water purification, also used by visitors to be entertained and experience additional views on Belgrade panorama and learn of new technologies, 5. NBS for surface runoff and quality management and 6. Next Generation Eco Reality Centre, NBS architecture light structure building (80m2 ) with advanced NBS technology demonstration innovative MF WWTP, center for visitors, education center for domestic education on improvement of family health and well-being, MF roof garden, VF, viewing point, experimental area, alternative space for public art installations (extension of Museum of Contemporary Art activities & international ecology-based art-culture collaboration), seasonal summer eco café (demonstrating sustainable, nature-friendly mode of operation, cooling and resource recycling) and n-RT demonstration of the effects of euPOLIS interventions. It will be an attractive invitation for citizens with educational purpose on PH/WB and encourage NBS inspired business for unemployment reduction.  

Pocket park as a part of UŠĆE demo site; Locations of NBSs 1.1-1.5, and PCSs (Park Cooling System) applied at: 1. small sports field, 2. kids playground, 3. socializing area, 4. open stage amphitheatre for NBS promotion.), 1.6. shaded bicycle path, 1.7. shaded pedestrian path, 1.8. summer wind cooling corridors, 1.9. coniferous trees for winter protection.
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