The first euPOLIS Capacity Building expert training actions at the demonstration sites will take place in Gladsaxe, Denmark on the 4th of May 2023, from 12:45-14:45.

We are happy to invite all four pilot (Gladsaxe, Lodz, Belgrade, and Piraeus) and follower (Bogota, Trebinje, and Palermo) city representatives and experts of various profiles, vital for the innovative, inclusive, sustainable, and healthy future-oriented urban planning: architects, urbanists, engineers, urban water quality and management experts, climatologists, biologists, etc, and of course the academic community, to use this opportunity to get updated and receive a experts’ training on implementing the urban planning solutions based on nature.

Other than our pilot and follower cities’s experts, experts from all around Europe, as well as other NBS projects partners can benefit from this training. The euPOLIS team will gladly share the knowledge and expertise with other, committed colleagues.

The training workshop will be carried out as a hybrid event: in Gladsaxe (GPV – Værebrovej 156C, 2880 Bagsværd, Denmark), but will also be broadcasted online to allow for remote participation. 

Our experts are:

  • Dr. Stanislava Boskovic, Research Associate at Imperial College London, UK: “Our euPOLIS methodology – setting the scene”
  • Dr. Anja Ranđelović, Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade, Serbia: “Evaluating NBS – euPOLIS indicator framework” 
  • Sandra Baki, Senior Researcher at National Technical University of Athens, Greece: “Selecting NBS – the euPOLIS NBS preliminary selection tool” 
  •  Alfred Figueras, Project Manager/Biologist at Amphi International ApS, Denmark: “Implementing NBS – the euPOLIS case study for Gladsaxe, Denmark” 

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 4th of May, and whether you plan on showing up physically or join us through an online platform, please, timely register and you will be provided with a link and/or further details for the in-person participation.