On the occasion of the International Day of the Planet Earth, the traditional action of beautification of the city took place in Trebinje – our Follower City, organized by the City of Trebinje, and the Municipal Company.

Stevan Bekan, director of the “Ecology and Safety” JU, said that with this action they are sending a message of how important it is to live in a clean and orderly environment.

“We gathered a large number of volunteers, over 100 employees in the city administration, public institutions, and companies are participating in the action. Everyone will contribute as much as possible and in the first place the competent services of the JU ‘Ecology and Safety’, the Municipal Company, the Territorial Fire and Rescue Unit of Trebinje, the voluntary fire brigades, and the Civil Protection of the Hydroelectric Power Plant on Trebišnjica. This year’s action includes the arrangement of public areas, tree rows, planting flowers, the arrangement of the coast of Trebišnjica, roads, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, as well as the removal of illegal landfills,” said Bekan.

Photo: radiotrebinje.com

Planting the Meditteranean hackberry trees

As part of the city beautification campaign, Mediterranean hackberry trees were planted on Vuka Karadžića Street.

“We in Trebinje traditionally mark all important ecological dates, such as Earth Day, with numerous actions. In this street we already had a two-sided row of lagestroemia trees, however, at the request of the tenants who were looking for trees that provide more shade, we consulted with experts and decided to plant hackberry trees. This tree grows up to 20 meters high and has edible fruit, and the goal is that citizens from this neighborhood can reach the city center, through the thick shade. We will continue the campaign throughout the week and will try to finish planting seasonal flowers by May 1 and the Easter holidays, when we expect a large number of guests in our city. Today, all the local communities in the area of our city are being organized, Zasad, Mostaći, Hrupjela, and Gorica are being cleaned of waste, in order to prepare the city as best as possible for the upcoming holidays,” said Milan Mandrapa, director of A.D. Communal Trebinje.

The mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić, points out that the goal of the action is to clean Trebinje with as much greenery as possible.

“Several hundreds of our fellow citizens have volunteered this year as well in the action of beautifying the city, which we have traditionally organized.” It is important to us that the community of apartment owners got involved, and the profession is there to say what should be done. The city of Trebinje supports all of this financially, we allocate about 50,000 marks directly from the procurement budget. “Also, we agreed with the owners of larger areas where there was no greenery, that they should also be greened,” said Ćurić.

…a lot of volunteers from the local communal companies…

The president of the Association of Condominium Owners of Vuk Karadžić 53, Dražen Miladinović, said that they wanted to plant trees because of the shade.

“About a month ago, we submitted a request to the City Administration to plant new trees in this part of the city. They quickly responded to our request and today we are implementing that project. I hope that the cooperation between the Community of Condominium Owners, the City Administration, and the Municipal Corporation will be as good as this in the future,” added Miladinović.