The EU Green Week 2023 has begun! Europe’s biggest annual event on environmental policy gathers over 250 partner events organized across Europe and beyond, allowing everyone to be part of the debates. EuPolis, GoGreenRoutes, IN-HABIT, and VARCITIES, the four European projects that designed the Manifesto, are in Brussels for NetworkNature events during the EU Green Week. Dr. Emmanuel Sardis was present on behalf of euPOLIS to present the project philosophy and goals.

Professor Marìa del Mar Delgado, IN-HABIT Project Coordinator, is representing the four projects and has shared their missions and highlights in the Network Nature Taskforce Cluster Meeting on 7th June, specifically in the Panel “Towards effective NBS across ecosystems”.

She explains ”Let’s move from NBS to social NBS. We need to underline the importance of people and the relationship between people and nature-based solutions.”
In fact, in each of the projects, there is a joint social mission: IN-HABIT focusing on Inclusive Health and Well-being in 4 cities (Cordoba, Lucca, Nitra, Riga), GoGreenRoutes on urban mental health and well-being through nature, euPolis on natural systems to enhance public health and wellbeing and VARCITIES creating sustainable models for
improving health and wellbeing in future cities. The sister projects cover a wide range of topics and cities connected to developing greener, more sustainable European cities for all their inhabitants, stressing the chance to work with NBS and green policies to have a positive impact on citizens.

The joint Manifesto calls on European cities to launch initiatives that offer visionary and integrated solutions to increase the health and well-being of citizens. It focuses on five key areas: nature-based solutions; health and sustainable urban areas; culture and arts; gender, inclusion, and diversity; and digital innovation. The manifesto concludes with an
action plan and commitments to achieving a series of bespoke visionary solutions to
promote health and well-being in urban conurbations.
NetworkNature’s Annual Event “Enabling transformation through and for nature-based solutions” featured interviews, presentations, panel debates, and interactive sessions. The transformative nature of NBS, how its benefits reach across
sectors and which transformations are needed in policy, economics and financing, and science and practice will be discussed.
The sister projects funded under IA call SC5-14-2019 – Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities.