The “smart” bench was procured and installed in Mikrolimano by the Department of Environment and Greenery of the Municipality of Piraeus, as part of the euPOLIS NBS implementation process. It is designed, produced, and installed by the Energy4Smart company.

Photo: Courtesy of Energy4Smart

The bench is technologically advanced and has provisions for the support of the disabled, as it is possible to charge electric wheelchairs through a special socket, while it operates exclusively with solar energy through a photovoltaic panel.

The “smart” bench is anti-vandal and anti-grafitti construction. It has 8 mobile phone charging points, free Wi-Fi internet, night and ambient lighting, wooden seats and is a resting point.

Its screen displays information and informational messages concerning Municipality matters, while the second screen displays the time, date and ambient temperature.


• 12 seats

• Photovoltaic frame of Monocrystalline silicon technology 1x305Watt = 305Wp

• 4 plugs of 2 USB charging ports each, with waterproof covers (5V – 2.1A, 5V – 1A)

• Free Wi-Fi

• Automatic (day / night sensor) lighting and ambient lighting

• LED display 320X160 white light, time, date and ambient temperature display via sensor

• Full HD 32′ 2000nits screen

• 2 Speakers, radio

• Plug for electric wheelchair

The entire design, production and assembly process is done in Greece.

Photo: Courtesy of Efthymios Chardavellas, Piraeus Municipality

As a reminder, the Municipality of Piraeus has already installed an info-kiosk bench on the public watch in Pasalimani, as well as a smart disabled support bench on the Moutsopoulos and 2nd Division coasts, which makes it the first Municipality in the country to have a disabled support bench, providing the possibility of charging electric wheelchairs.

The Mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, emphasized: “The Municipality of Piraeus installed a ‘smart’ bench in Mikrolimanos, which combines technology and greenery. It recharges with the sun, has the ability to charge the electric wheelchair serving people with disabilities as well as mobiles, has free wifi, and displays useful information on a screen”, said the mayor.

The article is taken and adapted from the Europe Direct Piraeus website.