The euPOLIS project, an innovative urban planning methodology that strives to create healthier and happier cities, is conducting a comprehensive survey in Belgrade among citizens who live, work or visit a selected demo site. The aim of the survey is to recognize the challenges on the one hand, and the needs and desires of citizens on the other. The expert team of the euPOLIS project will use the findings of the survey to create an experimental, “blue-green”, nature-inspired park, between Hotel Yugoslavia and Karađorđev Square in Zemun.

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Along with Gladsaxe, Łód and Piraeus, Belgrade is one of 4 European pilot cities in which,  (2020 until 2024) an innovative way of designing functional city “blue-green” parks will be tested using nature-inspired solutions, with the active participation of citizens, aiming to improve the quality of life in the city and improve the health and well-being of citizens.

These innovative methods of joint creation of more pleasant and healthier public spaces for all citizens will be tested in Belgrade at two pilot locations: on Zemun Quay – on the stretch from the hotel “Yugoslavia” to Karađorđev Square, and on the lower Dorcol – on the Line Park segment near the settlement of Dunavski kej. This invitation refers to the Zemun quay.

The project is implemented by the euPOLIS team that brings together scientists and experts in sustainable development from 28 partner organizations from 13 countries, and in Belgrade includes City Services and domestic expert organizations: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, enPlus and Mikser, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health Milan Jovanovic Batut and the Women’s Architectural Society.