The City of Piraeus hosted a Zoom meeting of the euPolis project stakeholders and introduced the co-members of the workshop:
– Dr. Manthos Bimpas (NTUA, Project Coordinator) presented the euPolis mission, expected outcome and city obligations, the role of stakeholders’ engagement, and tools and methods to support stakeholders’ engagement.
– Initiation of the euPOLIS project; documentation prepared for the cities so far, and the expected activities and results from the local stakeholders’ engagement, Prof Čedo Maksimović (ICL, Technical Manager)
– Current stakeholders engagement methodology and tools & Introduction of the stakeholders’ groups/individuals and their planned/expected roles in the project, Tasos Karatasakis, ProjectManagerfor Piraeus / stakeholder’s group
– Innovative methodology of NBS with systematic involvement of local stakeholders in co-planning/co-design through BGS matrixes with examples, Prof Ranko Božović
– GSH as local Supporting Partner, Betty Charalampopoulou —Socioeconomic and gender issues and program for monitoring the impact in support to participatory engagement, Anna Domaradzka/Maja Lalić